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PRESS RELEASE: Crowdfunding based campain for the debut CD “Fractais”

Crowdfunding based campain for the debut CD “Fractais”
Samuel Velho

Samuel Velho was born in Lisbon, grew up in Ribatejo an lives in Castelo Branco. He decided to create a solo project (Indie Rock Celtic) by suggestion and influence of his teacher, friend and recognized producer Mário Barreiros. The music portrays a rock essence with Portuguese lyrics, acoustic guitar to create a storytelling atmosphere, flute has an innovative element to bring a celtic flavor, in addition to drums, bass and keyboards, all composed, performed and produced by himself. The songs are ear-candy and reflect interventional influences in a incongruous society, as well as nostalgic passions and moments experienced by the songwriter. In this project, there is applied knowledge acquired at the Conservatory, at the degree of Electronic Music and Music Production (where he received an award for best student), and at the bachelor of Music Education that he's finishing.

Already in itself it is a project with unique sound and merit: for the artistic ambition, dedication and commitment that lining it, but also for the honesty and transparency presented by Samuel on the site, in the presentation of his crowdfunding campaign, as a young independent artist.

The concept of Crowdfunding, well-established out there (in the U.S., the artist Amanda Palmer raised over a million dollars based on 22,000 fans), only now begins to be known in Portugal, with recently successful campaigns with Mazgani (alternative songwriter), Capitão Capitão (Portuguese folk-rock) and Luis Tinoco (erudite music, with the participation of the Gulbenkian Orchestra). Primitive Reason also marked his return this year with a crowdfunding campaign, still ongoing at the site

This concept, in addition to ensuring the financial autonomy of young artists, is directly associated with the concept of Samuel Velho's debut album "Fractais". The album title was chosen by the "crowd", with the CD cover in a competition on the social network Facebook, and translates the concept of a multiple representation of itself, well reflected in the participation of supporters of a crowdfunding project that aims to produce an independent disk. The supporters involved in the production of the work, becoming "de facto" in the true artist's publisher. They buy out pre-purchases, acquire concerts, and also raise other supporters.

Some people say that Crowdfunding and artists such as Samuel Velho are from the future, are yet to come. But no. The future is now and Crowdfunding arrived in Portugal with the PPL platform and the Samuel Velho's debut album. Spread the word.

PR Contact: Nuno Saraiva, Consulting,
910 143 968

About PPL:
PPL is accredited by, the industry reference for crowdsourcing and crowdfunding, with the CAPS (Crowdfunding Accreditation for Platform Standards). This accreditation program is based on four criteria categories: operational transparency, security of information and payments, platform functionality and operational procedures.

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PRESS RELEASE: Campanha de disco Debut “Fractais” com base no Crowdfunding

Campanha de disco Debut “Fractais” com base no Crowdfunding
Samuel Velho

Samuel Velho nasceu em Lisboa, cresceu no Ribatejo e vive actualmente em Castelo Branco. Decide-se a elaborar um projecto a solo (Indie Rock Céltico) por sugestão e influência do seu professor, amigo e reconhecido produtor Mário Barreiros. A música retrata uma essência rock com letras em português, guitarra acústica para criar um ambiente de contar histórias, flauta transversal como elemento inovador a dar um aroma céltico, para além da bateria, baixo e teclados, tudo composto, tocado e produzido pelo próprio. As canções entram no ouvido e reflectem influências interventivas numa sociedade incongruente, para além de paixões saudosistas e momentos vivenciados pelo cantautor. São aplicados neste projecto os conhecimentos adquiridos no Conservatório, na licenciatura de Música Electrónica e Produção Musical (onde recebeu um prémio de melhor aluno) e na licenciatura de Formação Musical que está a terminar.

Já por si só, trata-se de um projecto com uma sonoridade e mérito únicos: pela ambição artística, pela dedicação e empenho que a revestem; mas também pela honestidade e transparência com que Samuel se apresenta, no site, na apresentação da sua campanha de Crowdfunding, ou financiamento colectivo, como jovem artista independente.

O conceito do Crowdfunding, bem estabelecido lá fora (nos EUA a artista Amanda Palmer angariou mais de um milhão de dólares com base em 22 000 fãs), só agora começa a dar que falar em Portugal, com campanhas recentemente bem sucedidas de Mazgani (songwriter alternativo), Capitão Capitão (folk-rock Português) e Luís Tinoco (música erudita, com a participação da Orquestra Gulbenkian). Também os Primitive Reason assinalaram o seu regresso este ano com uma campanha de Crowdfunding, ainda a decorrer no site

É um conceito que, para além de assegurar a autonomia financeira de jovens artistas, associa-se de forma directa com o conceito do disco debut “Fractais” de Samuel Velho. O título do álbum foi escolhido pelo “crowd”, com capa a concurso na rede social Facebook, e traduz o conceito de uma representação múltipla de si própria, bem reflectida na participação dos apoiantes de um projecto de Crowdfunding que almeja produzir um disco independente. Os apoiantes participam na produção do trabalho, tornando-se “de facto” na verdadeira editora do artista. Efectuam pré-compras, adquirem concertos, e angariam ainda outros apoiantes.

Há quem diga que o Crowdfunding e artistas como Samuel Velho são do futuro, que estão ainda para vir. Mas não. O futuro é agora e o Crowdfunding chegou a Portugal com a plataforma PPL e o disco debut de Samuel Velho. Espalhem a palavra.

Contacto PR: Nuno Saraiva, Consultor,
910 143 968

Sobre a PPL:
A PPL é acreditada pela, a referência na indústria de Crowdsourcing e Crowdfunding, segundo o CAPS (Crowdfunding Accreditation for Platform Standards). Este programa avalia as operações da plataforma nos seguintes critérios: transparência operacional, segurança da informação e pagamentos, funcionalidade da plataforma e procedimentos operacionais.

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Crowdfunding - English Translation

This is the English version of the main text presentation for the crowdfunding of my next album, "Fractais".

Hello! My name is Samuel Velho and I'm an independent musician. |
In this solo project (Indie Rock Celtic in Portuguese) I sing lead and background vocals, I play the electro-acoustic guitar, electric guitar, western concert flute, drums, electric bass, keyboard and other instruments needed for the songs. I record in my home studio, and I also mix and master the songs, allowing me to release an album with a very low budget.

The original album "Fractais" was not released yet because of lack of financial funding. I'm not signed with any label, promoter, and I don't have any kind of sponsorship. I communicate regularly with people that like the music I make, who directly support this project. For this reason, the title "Fractais" was chosen by public vote on Facebook. Nowadays, the record industry is concerned only about making money, not taking into consideration their clients, artists and their fans, nor the music or art in general. In return, the artist can share his work directly to those who enjoy it, thus keeping a close connection and mutual interest.

It was launched, on Facebook, a contest for the cover of the CD "Fractais". Anyone can vote on the cover of their preference, by clicking here. In order for the participants to know more about the project and to get inspiration for their works, the CD "Ante-Estreia" was released in 2011, with 4 original songs plus 3 bonus original tracks. Can be heard entirely here.

I'm counting on the support of everyone interested for this project to proceed and survive. Supporters will have their name on the album "Fractais", in the gratitude section.

By supporting this project, you are always rewarded, according to the contributions border on the right. The rewards in digital format can be delivered before the total project funding, by simply contacting me. If  the CD "Ante-Estreia" is not in stock, it will be delivered in high quality digital format. The physical rewards will be delivered personally or by mail, charging only the shipping value. You can also download four free songs here, with no obligation to support this project.

By investing in this project, taking the rewards into account, you are doing a pre-purchase of the CD, t-shirt, custom fractal* and/or private concert.

* The custom fractal is a special gift for the most generous supporters. It will be created by me, taking into account the supporter's taste, like favorite colors and desired shapes. The image will be delivered in high resolution digital format, and may be used as a wallpaper, or printed and framed.

Please spread this initiative and share it with your friends, personally and on social networks.

Expected launch for the album: Summer 2012.

A big, sincere and heartfelt thanks for all the attention.
Thank you!
Samuel Velho
5 €CD "Ante-Estreia" [digital format]
10 €CD "Ante-Estreia" [digital format] + CD "Fractais" autographed
25 €CD "Ante-Estreia" [digital format] + 2 CDs "Fractais" autographed + CD "Ante-Estreia" autographed
35 €CD "Ante-Estreia" [digital format] + 2 CDs "Fractais" autographed + CD "Ante-Estreia" autographed + T-shirt + custom Fractal
50 €CD "Ante-Estreia" [digital format] + 3 CDs "Fractais" autographed + CD "Ante-Estreia" autographed + 2 T-shirts + custom Fractal
175 €CD "Ante-Estreia" [digital format] + 3 CDs "Fractais" autographed + CD "Ante-Estreia" autographed + 2 T-shirts + custom Fractal + Private Concert (1h)

Link (it doesn't exist yet. Update in a few days).

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